Mourning the loss of a dying breed.
A dying love in a generation of meaningless encounters, and unmet needs.
Where the moment of clarity is experienced after the release.

When learning leads to nothing more than the cancellation of a trial membership. Death of the notion that love could be  reciprocal.  Something  deserved. Something prayed for. Something  needed.  Something that made you a better you. A love that was a mirror. A love that helped you tackle the world.  A love that made a cold world comfortable.

A love that brought out your brightest aura in moments of darkness.  A love that loved you when others thought you were useless.

A love that saw your weakness as a strength. A love that is motivated by said strength and vice versa.  Most importantly,  a love that you believe in. A uniquely perfect fit.  The missing piece to the unsolved puzzle.A twin flame if you will. When your lover said it would be ok…and you believed them. You believed because you believed they would indeed be present. Trusting their lead, as you protect their back. Only to spot check, and see nothing.