Chronically Healing Through Writing

Thoughts of the end -so through a pen I share rawfully honest thoughts. Thoughts about my relationship with chronic pain. Thoughts about the fantasies of romantic love , and the agony when this illusion disappears. The goal is to learn from my own journey through words.

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Birth Control

My hormone levels have never been the same since  messing with YAZ or Yasmine in my 20s. I’m really not sure which bitch it was, but I don’t know if I have a case for my issue. I see the commercials to call if you experienced certain side effects. However, my situation isn’t so serious.

Just a little unwanted facial hair lol. I never had hair growth on my chin before! Yet only after a few weeks of messing with one of those bitches;  they appeared, and never went away.  No, I don’t have a beard lol; I wax, etc but it’s harsh on my skin. I’m not lying, one single hair  even grew out of my neck  the 2nd week I took those pills… and it grows back every time I remove it. That was over 7 years ago.

I just can’t remember which bitch it was lol! I guess it was for the best. I would have had a zoo without the zookeeper. Or Feed the Children infomercials for my massive family.

The things we do so men can shoot the club up with ease.
The things we do to pleasure our partners-but we get no credit.

On a serious note though- to the men of my past and future…

To you, I am just a beast with a hairy chin on a bad day. To me, I saved us thousands of $$ in child care expenses, made a choice to not be careless with life’s creation, and protected the present. To you I am too emotional; hot and cold. You are angry at my lowered sex drive, and drying vagina- that no longer flows like the river the entire 30 minutes- you bang your life away inside me. 
To me, I prevented another unplanned and unwanted pregnancy we were not prepared to deal with. I sacrificed  my body to deal with side effects from medicine I had no idea would impact me later in life.  I did it for us, and an innocent child. Not all mistakes are blessings.

So instead of name calling, complaining, and judging, be a partner.  Do more to put me in the mood. Buy me massage packages to calm these raging hormones. Provide funds for my wax, laser hair removal or whatever else that will do the trick lol. 

Or how about we find alternatives to medicine together.
That might be too much to ask. Hence, why I do not believe in 50- 50 in relationships. It’s impossible. Men do not appear to be wired with empathy when blood flow is rushing to their dicks.


Fuck you YAZ, Yasmine, and all the other hoes you are related to! Bitch! 

Drunken rant of womanhood

Double standards are inevitable because men and women were made for different purposes.
One to create life while the other just remains on the surface.
Incapable of empathizing with what the other goes through  because we can’t even phathem how we do what we do; why we do what we do, and who made these rules. Every time I get my period I say dam, God never forgave me. Why would he make me suffer monthly?
Why would he broaden the wedge between man and woman externally?
Making the woman the reason man can not be patient or treat the woman kindly.
God played this horrible trick.
One month I’m a size 12; the next I am a size 14.

Our sex diminishes with our emotions, fatigue, and with age. I fear the day I will need assistance keeping my vagina moist, just to have a seat.


We must do more when we are older,
while men get a mid life crisis and purchase a new range rover.
We get menopause, he gets a younger model.
We continue to drink more red wine in bigger bottles.
How can I be so grateful, thankful for who I am,
when no one else seems to give a dam.?
Because I am a woman and this is what I’m supposed to go through, and it’s not fair I only have this “man” to pray to.
The one who created all this shit
because the rib coerced the body to do foul shit.
Why am I only a rib any fuckin way?
Who says I even believe this story?
Life is as fucked up as this story
A set up, a mind game  all for your glory
I guess I believe in Adam and Eve.
I defy the stars that put me in a world to live under a ruler who will never forgive me.
Forgive me for being a woman
Forgive me for falling for the trap that made me weak.
I take nothing from him I just need all 4 weeks

I no longer want to find comfort in wine, comfort in his arms and lies.
I no longer want to fear child birth, or worst;
fear that  my love will not empathize with how I
how I deal with the curse  of this tale
of being of being born a female.

Yes we are told to appreciate our curves sashay our hips.
Poke out our lips 
Bat our eyes and elude everyone to this special prize.
But nothing changes our anatomy. We can’t avoid the pain of our emotions.
Suffrage for our devotions.
Sickness monthly or as years pass.
The agony of child birth,  or hormones that gives us a personality similar to ass gas.
Because I am a woman and I have to deal with hot flashes

He has the nerve to be annoyed while I suffer

Shut up!


He never measured up to my lowest standards

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